Google Sniper Review

Prior to starting this review I’d like to mention that this is a 100% unbiased and independent Google Sniper review.

What is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is a type of affiliate marketing course which has been created by renowned online personality George Brown. It focuses on creation of sniper websites which can rank quickly on the first page of Google search engine.

The marketing system explained in Google Sniper is an exact replica of the one which was actually used by George himself to achieve great success in Internet marketing. The materials are available in PDF format as well as in the form of videos, and are updated very often.

Who is George Brown?

George Brown is a highly successful Internet marketer who made over half a million dollars in the year 2010 by launching Google Sniper, without incurring any expense or generating any traffic. George was just 17 years old at that time. What more, he enabled over 50 people to quit their day jobs and achieve financial independence by earning full-time income on Internet. Owing to his great success and the success of his followers, Google Sniper didn’t take much time to go viral. It soon became one of the top-selling products on ClickBank.

Who all can benefit from Google Sniper?

Google Sniper has different packages targeted at different levels of users ranging from beginners to advanced marketers. It focuses on creation of multiple websites or blogs to earn full-time or supplementary income.

What you shouldn’t expect from Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is by no way a get rich quick kind of program. If you’ve been looking for some easy tricks to earn thousands of dollars instantly, without putting in any hard work, you must give Google Sniper a pass.

How Google Sniper works?

Google Sniper will help you learn three very important principles, which are:

– How to find highly profitable niches?
– How to discover good and profitable keywords for those niches?
– How to locate the right type of products which fall in line with your niches?

Simply speaking, Google Sniper follows a three step process which must be implemented exactly as taught by George. Let’s list out these three steps:

1. Pick the right ClickBank products which you wish to promote.
2. Create a sniper website using the best and most profitable keywords.
3. Watch your traffic flow and make necessary changes to the website for maximum leverage.

The main objective of Google Sniper program is to teach you the creation of sniper websites with the help of WordPress. A lot of stress is also laid on using the right type of plug-ins to help you come up in the search engine rankings. A major reason why Google Sniper is highly popular with affiliate marketers is because of its success when it comes to finding profitable keywords and getting them to rank high in Google, through construction of mini webpages.

Methods taught in the Google Sniper involve targeting certain keywords through exact match domains, and slowly working towards making these domains an authority for that particular niche or keyword.

What all is contained in Google Sniper program?

Following is the list of topics you will find in Google Sniper course:

Getting started – General introduction and navigation guidance.

Google Sniper 3.0 – 25 training videos, Google Sniper e-book and Google Sniper user manual.

Further training – Additional videos for maximising your results with Google Sniper techniques.

The Empire module – Effective methods of outsourcing different jobs related to affiliate marketing such as article writing, site building, blog installation, back linking etc.

Rolodex – This section features some additional resources which will help you with extra money making methods and Google sniping in general.

Sniper X – Updated every week, this section consists of Q & A webinars with George. You can also watch videos related to the latest techniques and strategies, apart from the latest updates.

Support – A differentiating feature of Google Sniper program is that it has a very friendly and helpful support team which is ever ready to answer any affiliate marketing related questions.

Google Sniper Pros

– Practical and clear directions about the system and easy to understand explanations.

– Google Sniper program is very simple and can even be followed by a newbie in the affiliate marketing field. You don’t require any prior special knowledge to implement the methods explained in the program.

– Once implemented, the Google Sniper program can be run on autopilot mode. Unlike other Internet marketing programs, you’ll not be required to make regular adjustments or updates.

– Google Sniper comes with a comprehensive money back guarantee, which is a testimonial of its effectiveness. You can buy the product, try it and if it doesn’t deliver results for you, you can ask for your money back within 60 days of its purchase.

– Considering that it is priced at only $47 in the form of a donation, it is an excellent buy.

– If learnt diligently and implemented effectively, the methods taught in it are the best you will ever find to make quick cash online.

Google Sniper Cons

The rare negative Google Sniper reviews I came across were mainly because:

– To achieve success with this program you need a certain amount of patience during the initial stages of program implementation. This is something lacking in people wanting to make quick money.

– The methods taught in the Google Sniper program have certain risks associated with them. If you don’t follow George exactly, there are chances your website may be blacklisted by Google.

What’s the price of Google Sniper program?

Unfortunately, Google Sniper program has different price points to accommodate all types of users. You can either buy:

$1 – 5 days trial which gets billed at $67 per month (can be refunded within 60 days)

A one-time fee of $47 (can be purchased from the website’s home page)

Where to buy Google Sniper?

To get the complete version of the product with all its components in entirety you must buy Google Sniper only from its official website.

Google Sniper review conclusion

To conclude, I would like to state that Google Sniper will prove profitable for you only if you’re ready to put a certain amount of time and effort with patience. It has already delivered results for a large number of affiliate marketers, then why not you?!